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4 октября 2020 0 Автор iForget

Get Tik Tok likesTikTok is the leading app for creating and viewing short videos. It inspires users to be creative and bring joy. The Tik Tok short video service turned out to be the most downloaded mobile application at the end of August 2020.

Good day, dear reader! You probably already know that there is such a service called TikTok. In it, users share their most creative videos, which can then be distributed across the entire Internet. Today we will talk about how you can wind up likes in tick tok.

Like in other social networks, there is a “like” function in tick tok, thanks to which users can rate a particular video. Apart from the usual tagging, this can propel the video into the trends of the network.

Boosting likes in tick tok is a great opportunity not only to increase the number of marks on your video, but also to promote it to the top of trends. It works in such a way that while the video is gaining a lot of likes, views are also gaining at the same time. In addition, the very appearance of trends can depend not only on views, but also on likes.
For example, a video can collect 10.000 views, but at the same time get tiktok likes is over 1000, and thus it will be trending and will become popular.

It is possible to get likes on TikTok through third-party services, use promotion methods and be regularly active on the social network.

How To Get Many Likes Natural Likes On Tik Tok

To get a lot of likes on Tik Tok, the user needs to regularly publish clips, participate in challenges and contests. Also, you can resort to clickbait — make a video trick and go to the recommended one.

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Other ways to get likes:

  • share with other users,
  • subscribe to their pages;
  • services for promoting and getting subscribers;
  • write comments under popular clips;
  • use hashtags for promotion.

Monitor audience reactions

If you want to get a lot of subscribers — shoot what they like. It’s hard to guess right away, you need to test it. Make videos of different style, duration, subject of stories and evaluate the reaction of the audience. Indicators of a successful video are likes, positive comments and how often your video will be shared. In addition, in TikTok it is important to select the publication time If the target audience is inactive, then the video will not get the required number of views and will not be included in the recommendations.

To summarize the above: boosting likes can increase the popularity of a video clip, and then the user’s channel itself.